If you’ve gone halfway through the year without living up to your resolution to work out more regularly, don’t feel discouraged. You can still make a positive change and rededicate yourself to this goal. Here are a few tips for staying motivated and following through with your plans.

Show Up

The hardest part about adhering to a workout schedule is in physically arriving at the gym, or getting to your other workout space. Whether this is a fitness center or the yoga mats in your basement, the key is to show up. Try to put the exercise out of your mind and focus on getting to your destination. Once you’re there, you’re more likely to follow through.

Abandon Your Lofty Expectations

It’s common to envision a high-intensity workout that lasts an hour or more only to feel frustrated by your inability to last more than 10 minutes on the treadmill. Don’t view this as a failure. Remember that you followed through, and you exercised for those 10 minutes. Tomorrow, you might last 15 minutes. The important thing to take away from this is that you did exercise, and that’s better than procrastinating.

Start Off With Something Simple

If you’re not feeling as motivated as you usually feel, plan on doing some simple and brief exercises. You can spend more time warming up or walk on the treadmill at a slower pace. Once you start exercising, you’ll feel that rush of adrenaline that will motivate you to spend longer working out, or it may encourage you to amp up the intensity.

Reward Yourself

While you should resist the urge to reward yourself with foods and beverages, you can provide other rewards that are just as fulfilling. Once you complete your workout, let yourself watch a favorite movie or an episode from a favorite TV show. You might also choose a massage as a reward. Choose something that you enjoy, but only indulge in that activity after you have completed your workout.

You can look for more ways to motivate yourself to stick to your workout routine. Once you make it a habit, working out will just become a normal part of your daily routine, and you won’t even think about skipping it. In the meantime, do whatever you feel is necessary to encourage you to work out every day.