Falon Christina Warme

Health & Fitness

Meet Falon Christina Warme

Falon Christina Warme, based in the UK, is a health and fitness fanatic, as well as an expert in the beauty industry. She believes that the source of true beauty stems from within, and that if you take care of yourself and show your body love, beauty will radiate outwards. Falon follows a holistic approach to nutrition and fitness, meaning that she believes health is the manifestation of the relationship between one’s physical, mental, chemical and emotional wellbeing. 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle comes down to acknowledging what makes you not only look the best, but feel the best. For Falon Warme, that’s a routine full of exercise like yoga and weight training, as well as small swaps in her diet. Recently, she swapped Matcha tea for coffee, enjoying the concentration and steady energy it provides, as well as it’s boost in antioxidants. Falon is also known to put chia seeds in everything she eats. 

In addition to her love for fitness and health, Falon has been a professional in the beauty industry for over a decade. She got her start at 14 years old when she began working at a hair salon. From her very first day, she realized that it was where she was meant to be. Falon Christina Warme immediately fell in love with the vibe that can really only be found in a salon, especially the sense of confidence it instilled in everyone who walked out after an appointment and the desire the stylists had to make their clients feel beautiful. 

A few years later, Falon graduated from beauty school and began her career. To date, she has worked in some of the most high-profile salons in Toronto. Her talent and dedication even landed her many celebrity clients. She specializes in hair extensions, but has immense knowledge of makeup application and styling. Though she isn’t tied to a salon anymore, Falon Christina Warme regularly freelances, as she has never wanted to give up the chance to make someone feel like the best version of themselves. 

Falon Warme is also a huge fashion fanatic who follows every new trend and loves to update her wardrobe accordingly. For her, fashion gives her the ability to share a piece of her personality and story with everyone she comes across. Like hair and makeup, our fashion helps show the world a bit about who we are without saying anything at all. 

To learn more about Falon Christina Warme and her tips and tricks on all things health and fitness, make sure to read her blog!